Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Place Value

WALT: add decimals to 3 decimal places.

Zebras group Padlet

WALT: Participate in a group discussion by actively listening and speaking
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Narrative Writing

In 1999 there was a man named Ricardo that had been married to a lady Named Lynn, they were married for three years, Lynn was Maori and Ricardo was to. But then one day there was a tsunami that had killed over 100 people in Australia, and Ricardo got hurt and was lying on the ground, he had a stick sticking out of his stomach and couldn’t get up.Lynn didn’t know that he had got hurt so she was looking for him all around and she was lifting up wood to see if she could find him.

She was asking heaps of people but they wouldn’t help her so she just kept going until she found him. As she was walking around looking at all the houses that had been damaged she relized that there was a hospital that was under the ground so that if something  happened and people are still alive and hurt they could go to the hospital underground to stay alive. So she went to the hospital and thought that her husband would be there but he wasn’t there so she ask people have you seen this person around anywhere.

She was holding up the photo of him and they said no sorry i haven’t heard of a man called Ricardo. Then she walking out of the hospital and she said i am never gonna find my husband then she saw a man lying on the ground stick sticking out his stomach the she quickly ran over to see if was her husband and was Ricardo. Lynn ran quickly and was crying and she called the ambulance and they came right away.

Lynn asked the man is he gonna be alright but what she didn’t know was that the man was her husband. She didn’t know that because he had a lot of dirt and blood on his face that she couldn’t see his face properly. So she went with the ambulance to take Ricardo to the hospital. Lynn waited there till the man was ready to see her just to thank her for saving him.

The hospital people washed his face and took the stick out of his stomach so that he could survive. Once they were done Lynn got to go in and see if the man was okay. When she got there she sat down and the man turned his head and saw Lynn they both looked and each other then hugged happily. Lynn cried and cried because she was looking for him all day and night. And then they lived happily together.

                                      THE END

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Talking Points 1

WALT: Participate in group discussions by actively speaking and listening, Success Criteria -

 On this presentation our teacher Mrs Ilaoa wrote a agree or disagree question and we had to put a x in the disagree or agree box and write why we think that. we had to use these four bullet points.

1. Focus Fully
2. Avoid Interrupting
3.Avoid seeming Judgemental
4. Show Interest 

Friday, 7 April 2017

Out Water

WALT: to reflect on learning so far around water care.  Use this learning to be problem solvers of water issues in our home, community and city. 

This presentation is about the use of water and how we take care of our water. This presentation has quotes that have different sentences about water.