Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Test prep #2

WALT: interpreting what word problems are asking me to work out

This is another one of our test preps. we are all getting ready for our real maths test in week 2 which is coming up soon.

Test Practice

WALT: interpreting what word problems are asking me to work out.

This week we've got given a test practice to get ready for our real maths test next week.


WALT: search for clues within the text to help us make meaning when we infer use the process of elimination to find  the "best fit" answer.

This weeks reading task is inference. in reading our 3 focuses is Comprehension, inferences and vocabulary. In this presentation we have three tasks to do.

What it means to be a good role model

What it means to be a good role model.
Title - What you will be explaining
Introduction - Tell your audience what the topic is about and what is to be explained.
Information - Explain the elements or steps in a logical sequence
Conclusion - Final summarising statement, an evaluation or comment about what you have explained.


Do you know what it means to be a good role model? Well today I will be talking about what it means to be a good role model,11 Not just to yourself but towards other people.
1st idea
In my vision I think a role model is Hard working, respectful and motivating. A hard working role model is probably that best role model there is, it takes a lot of work to become a good role model.

2nd idea
Being respectful towards others could lead to a good path. Not everybody is respectful towards each other but at the end of the day they respect each other in the in side even if they don’t show it.  

3rd idea
Motivating each other is a way to keep each other happy. Motivating is a great thing to do if someone is feeling low or is just not feeling well, if you could motivate anyone to make them feel better who would you pick? If I was in this situation I would motivate anyone that is disappointed or sad so that they could feel good about them self.

In my theory being a good role model takes a lot of hard work, respect and maybe even motivating. There are so many different role models with many different acts, some role models have different acts like being positive and mature most of the times. not just hard working and motivating.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Statistics and Probability

WALT: Use probability vocabulary to describe chances of an event.

In class we took it back to term 1 and did statistics and probability. On each slide it has Impossible, Possible and Certain. For example: if you had a question that said the sun will rise you would put it in either Certain, Possible or Impossible.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Musical Madness

This morning we had an Immersion Assembly. We our now in Term 4 and our theme for this term is Musical Madness. Like every other terms on the first day of school each team has a topic on what they are learning about. Then Those teams each show them to the whole school telling us what they will be learning about for the few next weeks. But before we headed into watching each teams item Mrs Nua, Mr Burt, Mr Somerville and Mr Jacobsen shared us a song Called Musical Madness ( written by Mr Burt ).

My Personal favourite item was Team 3's, Team 3's item was story telling through music., In there movie they had cool songs, songs that most of us would listen to. Most of the parts were of Mr Moran which was pretty funny, Mr Moran had most of the funny parts which also makes it awesome. It must of been pretty hard for the team three teachers to get the timing of the words right.


Team 4's topic was Carpool Karaoke. The teachers in Team 4 probably had fun making this video because they were pretty much listening to fun music which make you wanna dance and sing your lungs out. I think the meaning of this item is to show that you should make your car rides cool and fun.  

The last and greatest team of all items is Team 5. As you can see on the picture our team 5 teachers are watching a movie ( Lion King ). But whats different about it is that our teachers picked a few songs that refer to the emotions on the movie.