Thursday, 16 August 2018

Ned's Adventure !

This morning we had special visitors that came to our school to talk to the whole school about something
special. Can you guess who it is ? if you guessed Ned your right, Ned also came with a friend named
Cosmo. They’ve only been in Aotearoa once and only for a week. They are here to talk about how there
adventure went/was in the country Kenya based in Africa.

They’re first topic they talked about was about our superhero powers, and that power was our smile.
when you smile it brings the whole world together, He had multiple reasons why and how our smile can
change the world. One of his quotes that stood out to me was “smiles can break down walls”.
The reason to it is that if you smile it can bring people a happier life.

Then he talked about the matters of people, and how you care for one another. Caring for other people
can change lives, though you may not know them you still care it helps bring love and happiness into our
world and community. The five things he listed that were apart of this topic were , Each person matters a
lot, Caring is cool, different can be good, I can make friends everywhere and Include others.

In every country we all know there are different languages that are said. And in Kenya they have a way of
speaking their own language where us New Zealanders just speak English which most of us understand
,we do also speak other languages but English is what we prefer most, In New Zealand .Whatever culture
you are or whatever language you speak at home, feel free to express it around the world, It’s a way
that people can also communicate to you, and to try new languages.  I like to learn new
things, and I wouldn’t be more happier if I could learn a new language from a country
I’ve never really heard of.

He then talked about the education, and compares the times we wake up and the times the Kenya kids
wake up.  Here in Aotearoa the times our kids wake up is at 7:00 am and over in Kenya the kids over
there wake up at 5:00 am every single day for school. My questions towards that is, is it because they
have to walk a far distance? Or because they start very early?. I only live a few blocks down from school
and I always have to wake up at 6:00 every morning to get ready.

These messages can help everyone. It was good to know the difference between the students here in
Aotearoa and the students in Kenya. It was also good to know the five importance of how to be kind to
other people. and they were, difference can be good, caring is cool, I can make friends anywhere, each
person matters a lot and include others. My favourite one out of all of the five is, Difference can be good,
The reason why is because being different is a good way to learn different things, like for e.g if your
Islander and you wanna learn how to speak another language like what Kenya speak, you can always
give it a go. No matter how much you fail you still get up and try your best until you get it.

Multiplying whole numbers by decimals

This week we've been learning how to multiply  decimals. One thing I have learnt from this presentation is that I find it way easier to multiply decimals now and that this activity has helped me increase my knowledge of decimals.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018


More time to teach:
Enough is enough! We need more time with our teachers, without students distracting and
interrupting us. We need more teachers at several schools, because one teacher cannot
handle thirty other kids alone.  Us students cannot learn with other kids disrupted, our time
with our teacher trying to teach us. My teacher Mrs Tele’a, can never teach us without having
to stop and talk to the kids that have been sent to her.  For either not listening or being disrespectful.
Rather than writing reports about each student she sees on the mat, she should be able to focus
more on learning with us.

Resourcing additional needs:
Different teachers in Aotearoa have the same issues of providing there kids with the learning
they need. My opinion to this topic, is that we should have more teachers to help our students
that are in need, Need extra help to catch up with the rest of the class. So that way students in need
don’t find it difficult to learn.

Better pay:
From my point of view I think that the teachers that have been working as a teacher over more
than ten years, should get better payment than the teachers that have arrived recently. Why?
that's because its not fair to the people that have been doing this job for so long, it’s not fair
that just the recent arrives get paid a bit more than the hard long working teachers have. Aotearoa
schools are probably one of the most schools that don’t have enough teachers to help.

I agree to say that all teachers need at least two teachers in each class, and get paid twice as much as they usually get. I feel like these days teachers aren’t getting paid enough for what they
are doing for us.

Intro: statistics

For this weeks activity we got introduced to statistics but a few of us already knew what statistics was all about. I was working with a buddy who is Anna and we figured out a lot of complicated equations of different kinds of graphs. 

Friday, 3 August 2018

Fun Holiday

Have you been doing the same thing over and over again in the holidays, and getting sick and tired of it ? well here are four ideas I have for you to make your holiday fun. I’m sure you are very tired of doing the same thing over and over again, and i’m sure that thing you do it ‘Nothing’. But if you wanna have some fun I suggest you keep reading and at least admire one of these idea i have for you and give it a go.

Idea 1: Making your chores fun and funner than they already are.

E.g Instead of you cleaning the dishes and cleaning the floors you should clean yourself and your siblings, and no I don’t mean go have a shower and actually clean yourself ,, I mean like go have a water fight and use the soap well your at it, and say to your parents “were done with our shower”. But make sure you also wet your parents so they can join in with the fun.

Now that we're done with the chores and there over with, here’s second idea: is to play fortnite everyday with your friends, but make sure you do in and outs so that the game is fair at the same times its being fun. Then on fortnite make sure you also do those ‘COOL’ as dance moves so you can join in with it.

Also you can play some physical games outside with your neighbours and play softball or something, and if you ever play softball to make it fun you should make the person that hits the ball slide to the bases like slip in slide, and have the bases as big floaties and put funky stuff in it for them to sit in. I promise you it will be ‘Very Fun’. but make sure you don’t make any mud piles or your gonna get a slap to your head.

Here’s my last and final idea. Whenever your parents are home and your alone your always hungry right ? if your one of those familiar people I suggest you make a lot of pancakes until your plate is full and heavy,Also put bananas and syrup all over you pancakes , trust me it will be delicious. But when you finish eating you got to make sure you do the dishes so you don’t get in trouble.

There we go, there are some good ideas to try in your next school holidays. Remember to get the important things done first - like your chores before entering the fun zone, you could cook a big breakfast in the morning so you could skip lunch to continue playing fortnite or any other activities ( before MUM & DAD come home). Use your time wisely to get a better chance at getting things done your way. Happy holiday !!

Thursday, 5 July 2018

The last chapter of holes!!

WALT: Summarising - i make effective notes and condense ideas to summarise

For this weeks activity we got to do the last chapter of Holes. At the end it was interesting to find out what happened to zero and Stanley at the end. Unfortunately the book holes has now ended, i am looking forward to a second part of holes. I suggest that they should make a second one with them from what they are looking like now, I also suggest that you read this book and you will enjoy it as much as i did.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Interacting with decimals

WALT: work collaboratively to solve word problems.

In my group we were learning about decimals.As you can see there are problems that we had to work out, and beside those problems you can see a paper that has black writing on it and that is our working out. In my group I had, Uasi, Ana.l, Anna and Bryana. It took us a while to figure out what the answers were, but we still managed to work hard and get the answer. The letter A that was beside the Number stood for (Answer). we had only three problems that we had to work out and one of these problems that we found easy was the first one : 
4.26 + 7.54 =11.8
11.8 + 3.90 = 15.7 - A (Answer)
Our second problem it took us a bit longer to get. :
30.77 + 94.65 = 125.32 - A (Answer)
And last but not least was our third problem :
                                                              $9639.66                                           $11872.31
                                              +                                                           -
                                                             $2332.65                                            $1780.30
                                                                     $11872.31                                    $10191.91 - A (Answer)