Thursday, 5 July 2018

The last chapter of holes!!

WALT: Summarising - i make effective notes and condense ideas to summarise

For this weeks activity we got to do the last chapter of Holes. At the end it was interesting to find out what happened to zero and Stanley at the end. Unfortunately the book holes has now ended, i am looking forward to a second part of holes. I suggest that they should make a second one with them from what they are looking like now, I also suggest that you read this book and you will enjoy it as much as i did.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Interacting with decimals

WALT: work collaboratively to solve word problems.

In my group we were learning about decimals.As you can see there are problems that we had to work out, and beside those problems you can see a paper that has black writing on it and that is our working out. In my group I had, Uasi, Ana.l, Anna and Bryana. It took us a while to figure out what the answers were, but we still managed to work hard and get the answer. The letter A that was beside the Number stood for (Answer). we had only three problems that we had to work out and one of these problems that we found easy was the first one : 
4.26 + 7.54 =11.8
11.8 + 3.90 = 15.7 - A (Answer)
Our second problem it took us a bit longer to get. :
30.77 + 94.65 = 125.32 - A (Answer)
And last but not least was our third problem :
                                                              $9639.66                                           $11872.31
                                              +                                                           -
                                                             $2332.65                                            $1780.30
                                                                     $11872.31                                    $10191.91 - A (Answer)

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Force & Motion in room 3

This term team five has been learning about Force and Motion. The reason why we are learning about Force and Motion is because it helps us to understand what force and motion means and for others to understand as well.

My group and I only had two ideas, and we couldn’t decide which experiment to do. Our first idea was the Marshmallow Shooter. Then our second idea was the Water Transporter. They were the only two ideas my group and I could think of.

Our first one we did was a Marshmallow shooter and our second one was called The Water Transporter. We tried the marshmallow shooter first outside, and that was a success. Then our second experiment was the Water Transporter, it was also a success. But the issue was that the water transporter took a bit longer than we thought it would.

Was our experiment Successful or was it a failure? Well both of our experiments we tried was a success. Why? Because my group and I followed the instructions carefully, and also my group and I listened very well and knew what we were doing. So I think my group and I did a successful job at our experiment.

Next time we will be more prepared to bring our own equipment and make sure to be ready before the day we present our experiment. Next time we need to come up with more ideas and listen to what other people come up with.

Fragments & Sentences

WALT: identify and write complete sentences
For this weeks work, we learned about Fragments and complete sentences. On the last slide of this presentation, there is a piece of work from our wonder writing. My buddy that helped proof read it was Samoa.

Introduction to decimals

WALT: work collaboratively to solve word problems.

For this weeks work we got set a word problem that includes decimals, in this presentation you are about to find out new and interesting things.

Thursday, 21 June 2018


WALT:  Inferring - I connect my prior knowledge to help me make meaning when I infer across several related clues in the text.

For this weeks activity we were learning about a book called holes.  There was a lot of information in the book and I found out that there was a place called Camp Green Lake where they punish all the bad boys. My overall thoughts about the book is that I would get more people to read it.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

holes 4

WALT: predicting - i am learning to make inference when the answer is not stated directly.