Thursday, 24 October 2019

Nz is a democracy

New Zealand has a democratic system of government where people vote for there leaders. To vote you have to be 18+, and also have to be a New Zealand citizen.  The people who represent us known as Members of Parliament. They make up the House of Representatives, which has 120 members. When people do vote they get a max of 2 votes, one for there electorate MP, and the other vote for there party. We have an election every three years, and at every election, people can vote for there leaders. The next election will be held in 2020.  I think it's good that we have a democratic system of government because people have a choice to choose who they want to be in parliament and if they're not happy then they can change there vote after three years. 
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Thursday, 19 September 2019

How a bill becomes an act of parliament.

Image result for governor general signingThere are 7 stages which a bill has to go through to become a law. First, the bill is introduced to the house of representatives. Then it goes onto the next stage which is the first reading. During the first reading MP’s debate whether the bill should go onto the next stage which is the select committee stage. A select committee of MP’s carefully considers the bill. They read and listen to the views and recommendations of the public. During the next stage which is the second reading, they do a review of what the select committee recommends and decides whether it will proceed onto the next stage which is the committee of the whole house. The committee of the whole house members debates the bill by part. During the third reading, they have a final debate on the bill, and look at it as a whole and consider what will happen if the bill becomes a law. Then there's the final stage which is called royal assent. During this stage the governor-general signs the bill agreeing that It should become an act of parliament and pass into law.

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Samoan Language Week

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Happy Samoan Language week!! The theme for this year is  'Lalaga Le si'osi omaga mo se lumana'i manuia'. Although I can not speak fluent Samoan, I think that it is important for everyone to learn and hold onto the language, so that they can speak it in the future. This can help our next generations to learn their language and be able to speak it, too people that are Samoan or to people that can understand the language. I think that learning the language of your heritage can maintain your culture, and strengthen your identity. Some things that can help us progress the languages we speak, is to go to church with fluent speakers or take classes. Languages are important in every aspect of our lives because it allows people to communicate with others, and understand the meaning of speaking those languages. 

Friday, 17 May 2019


In science, we have been learning about two different kinds of cells. One being Animal cell and the other being Plant cell. Things that are in these cells are Nucleus, Cell membrane, Mitochondria, Cytoplasm, Vacuole, Nuclear membrane. Something that is different between each other is that the plant cell has a Cell wall, Chloroplast, and a large vacuole while the animal cell doesn't.
Another science activity we did was using a microscope to see through to a leaf, to see what it looks like close up. We used one strand of grass and a leaf, we also took photos to show what it looks like.  The way we took the photo was that we connected the microscope to the back camera of our phones and placed it by the strand of grass and other leafs to see how different it was compared to each piece. 

Thursday, 9 May 2019

What is a Community?

Today in social studies we were given a task to find out what we think community is and what it means. I think that a community is a place where everyone is welcomed, where you live and where everyone is well known. There are many characteristic that have things in common. The community that I live in is called Glen Innes ( G.I ) and like any other community this community has similar things. Things that our community face are children under the age of eighteen are doing illegal things such as smoking and drinking. Something positive that are community have faced are that everyone in this community is helpful and caring for how our community is looking. We have so many people that have kept this community clean and spotless especially when we have visitors from different countries.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

History of Te reo maori

20 years back from now Te Reo was known for one of the dying languages. back then te reo was a worthless language to teach students because it was not high value  in schools and no one spoke the language as much. it was like all the attitudes had changed and no one really bothered to speak Te Reo.

for most of the 1900’s Te Reo was forbidden. most of the maoris were living in the countryside but then moved to the city, but when maoris left the countryside to go to the city they had to speak english. out of 5 maoris only one could speak Te Reo, which I think meant that the rest weren’t bothered to learn Te Reo or either let it die because of the ban of it in schools. years later Te Reo became more popular not only in schools but also in music. nowadays there are options for students to take maori classes so they can learn more about the language and are able to speak it. it is also being used more in songs by maoris that are proud of their ethnicity and want to carry that with them for other people to learn it.

now that there were many Te Reo speakers, some new zealanders thought that the european history was more important than new zealand history. that’s why people may have stopped speaking Te Reo, but now everyone is believing that both histories are important and that’s what I think to. more often there are teachers that are teaching toddlers to speak maori, and most toddlers have picked it up quickly. there is one teacher that has taught a class of toddlers Te Reo and they have performed a waiata in maori of the  colours and numbers in new zealand. I think that it is a gift to have the ability to be able to speak a language especially one that you family has grew up on.

I think that it's great that Te Reo is more popular now and is getting used in songs by people that are proud of there culture, and also getting taught to students at school. I hope that in the future there will be more people that are speaking Te reo.

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Response of Jacinda Ardern

On the 15th of march a unexpected shooting took place in Christchurch, New Zealand. this has become one of the most biggest scenes that have happened here in new Zealand. It was such a big tragedy that even our prime minister was disgusted and shocked about it. Our prime minister visited a Muslim Mosque dressed in a black long dress like the Muslims wear, she even wore a Hijab as part of the Muslim religion, and to also show her respect on behave of New Zealand. Jacinda Ardern (our prime minister) has responded to this by banning all gun policies as one of the newest laws here in New Zealand. Her response was so intriguing that she caught everyone's attention and respect. In the news the photo that showed her hugging a young Muslim lady had went viral and is now all over the news and the cover of most news papers. from my perspectives I think that it was brilliant of her to ban the use of guns and to have police protect the other Muslims. in the morning when I walk to school I see police men and women standing out side the shops of Point England because of the Muslim mosque at the back. Every time I see the cops I think of how good it was of Jacinda Ardern to put them there as a protection for the Muslim.