Friday, 9 February 2018

How to save money

         How to save money

When you save your money it helps you even more. It could help with your family, it could help you go to expensive places to maybe buy your partner or friend dinner, it will honestly help you with a lot of things.

You know if you save your money by putting it in a bank you could have millions of coins and wouldn’t even know it,we all know that saving money is hard,but eventually you will start needing to save money for something that you wanna do but costs a lot of money.

Something that would help you the most is buying cheap groceries for home. E.G if you were at a grocery store and there were a pile of apples that cost $1.99 or another pile that cost $2.70 which pile of apples would you prefer. In my opinion I  think it would be best to go for the $1.99 pile because its more cheaper and it could help you to save more money.

Saving power is one of the most main reasons for saving money. E.G every time you have a shower or leave the light on at night the power runs out, power is the electricity in your house right and if you keep leaving your Tv or lights on during the night the power will start running and then eventually you will have to by new things which isn't helpful cause you wanna save money.

Now that you’ve read this hopefully it helped you to save money more often. Even if  your in a country that cant really afford  money you can always just save 10 cents or 20 cents it still does count as saving money.

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