Wednesday, 1 November 2017

AIM for Success

This morning we had a very special guest that came in named Mr Patterson. He came in to talk to us about aim for success, A + I = M ( aspiration + inspiration = motivation ). Another thing we were told by Mr Patterson was that being a giver can lead to a happy path, yesterday Mr Patterson had to wait in a line with about 200 people. And in that line there were a young couple that had 3 younger children under 5 years, so Mr Patterson offered to let them stand in front of him and then suddenly a person came over and said they could come to the front of the line and the end everybody was happy and agreed that the would stay in the front.  

Did you know that that a 11 year old boy named Willie changed an older gentle mans life? Well we were shown a video that showed a 11 year old boy helping out an older man, one day Willie was walking to school and saw that man crying which made Willie go over to him and give him his lunch money. For about 2 weeks Willie would give his lunch and his lunch money to that poor homeless man, then another day that man walked with Willie to school and told everyone what Willie had done then Willie had gotten a gold certificate, and his school only hands a golden certificate probably once a year. 

and lastly we were shown a Quote that had said *if you do what you want, you'll never work a day in your life*. If you do what you love and work hard at doing things important you'll never work a day in your life even if it means a lot at least you did what you loved first. 

It was inspiring hearing Mr Patterson talk to us about all of this. the most inspiring part was when he told us about Willie, helping a homeless man can change a life, being a giver can make people happy, and doing what you love can lead to a good education.


  1. Kia ora Myztique! It's great that you got to meet Mr Patterson this morning. He's very thoughtful and caring towards us at Pt England School, he's been visiting us for over 5 years now. Most times he brings in inspiriting speakers with him. Keep up the good posting - a lot of really useful information and ideas shared!

  2. Kia ora Myzique,
    Well done on an excellent post!
    I like the way you explained my talk in three parts...
    I'm pleased my talk inspired you...