Friday, 24 June 2016

Helping Christian the lion

 Have you ever helped a lion before? Well these two men from new Zealand named Ace and John helped this lion that was for sale in harrods in United Kingdom ( London). Cramped and Lonely in a small cage, So they decided to bring him home.

Then they took him home and feed him and looked after him very well.Then later the next day they took that lion named christian to africa and released him into the wild and also he was the head of the pride. Then he introduced his wife to Ace and John, Ace and john were happy that christian had a wife.

But before christian the lion introduced his wife to them they had the happiest hug that they’ve ever had, They were so glad that they realest christian to the wild and that he got to see his wife again.

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  1. Was Christian able to hunt for food in the wild after being brought up in a cage?