Friday, 10 June 2016

Immersion assembly

Kapoof, Kapow, Kaboom, Smash, Bang, Yes that’s right we are looking at comics this term like marvel and DC. The team four teachers were dressed up like superheroes and the superheroes were Team leader America, Bat guy, Wondering women and the amateur heroes. The movie was about all the superheroes.

As I sat down my friend Anna came and sat next to Me. So then we sang the National Anthem, Sat down to get ready to watch teams movies. First was team 1. The movie was about what was their Favourite things. Which was pretty awesome. It took ages till it was teams 4 movie. Now on to Team 4’s movie.

Then the movie began. Bear baxendine was an evil little bear, That tried to escape with a chromebook. But really he took bobby - Jon’s chromebook. The Amateur heroes saw what bear baxendine tried to do and tried to fight bear baxendine so they did but then bear baxendine doged there hit and hit them back and then tied them up to the pole. Then suddenly the Teachers vengers came and rescued the ameture heroes, The teachers venger bate bear baxindine and put the chromebook back safely back into the chromebook cupboard and then untied the ameture heroes and lived hapliie ever after.


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