Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Will she save her

One Night Mary- Jane was walking back from work , She was so exhausted when she got home she went straight to bed. While she was sleeping she heard Something break and got out of her bed and sneaked through the house and then she turned around and saw a big green face right in front of her and then she passed out and frankenstein laughed at her. 

Frankenstein put mary in a sack and went to the sky tower. When they got to the sky tower, frankenstein climbed up to the top of the tower and took mary out of the sack when Mary got took out of the sack she just realised that she was on the top of the sky tower she was so frightened then he threw her down towards the street. She screamed with fright, HELP! HELP! Then suddenly supergirl was flying by the sky tower and saw that Mary was in perilous danger! Supergirl quickly flew to mary and catched her before she hit the ground like a pancake on the street.

After all that drama Mary-Jane went through she was so relieved that she got saved by supergirl. During all that drama she was so frightened she almost passed out but luckily she didn't.

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