Thursday, 24 September 2015

Blindfold Games

Have you ever played a game called blindfold ball game before? Well room 8 literacy class played a game called blindfold ball game. We all had to get into a large circle and had to wait for our teacher to pick five of us so that we could get straight into it. When we were about to start the game our teacher Miss Lavakula asked the five people what colour ball you’re going to go for.

When we finally started the game the five people were bumping into each other and taking the wrong coloured ball. My friend Machelle was taking mostly all the different coloured balls, so when it was the second round our teacher said if we take the wrong coloured balls you will be disqualified from the game.

My favourite part was when Machelle got other four people's ball and when she poked her eye out to see if the game was finished. Then when it was the second round Machelle, Angels and I were screaming to daniella yes no and go forward, left, and right, we all laughed because other people were looking at us screaming at her.

My second favourite part was when I bumped into someone that was in front of me. Then I tried to go around him but I couldn’t  because he kept on moving back and because another person was beside me and behind me. So I laughed and sat down and swung my hands around and around so that I could see were I was going.

We were using a lot of equipment that we used like, Plastic coloured balls and blindfolds. It was so cool that other people were laughing and screaming. I think every one loved it specially me.

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