Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Eating Worms

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Have you ever made worms before in class? Today in class with Mrs Garden, we made chicken  flavoured worms (really noodles). We all got into a circle then two people had to open one pack of worms and put them into the bowl.

How we made it? All you need is two bowls and two packets of worms so that you can put the worms into the bowl. Then we passed it to the next person over to us so that he or she could break the worms up so that you could get ready to eat it.

It was weird when we ate it. Our teacher feed it to us with tongs like we were little birds. We had to open our mouths big so that our teacher could put the worms in our mouths. It was funny when we ate like that, because the worms were dripping down our faces it felt like little worms crawling down our faces. It was so Yummy!!!

I think noodles are delicious also they look like worms. I think you should eat noodles more often than worms.

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