Wednesday, 11 February 2015

My Summer Holidays

In the holidays I went to swimarama pools with my family.When we got there the first thing I went on was the blue water slide It was cool and dark.After I went on the water slide I went on the diving board It was fun. When It was my turn I walked up the two stairs then I walked up to the edge of the diving board to jump but when I was gonna jump I slipped off the diving board and I waked my face and my stomach at the same time then I laughed and hopped out to get ready to go home.When we got home me and my sister went to go play with my friend.When we got to play with my friend we played tiggy when i got back and we played hidden seek at night and when we played hidden seek we had to go home and have dinner.Then we went to bed because we had school the other day.

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