Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Blindfold Game

“Hey guess what!” this morning Miss lavakula's  literacy class was playing a game called The Blindfold Game. We all had to sit in a circle. “Rules”. The rules are that you have to be blindfolded so that you can not see and also you can’t get help from your friend. But the most thing you can not do is cheat.

“How to play the blindfold game you have to get in a big circle and then miss lavakula will call the first 6 people up to try get as many safety pins as they can but they will be blindfolded and those 6 people will be in a semi circle trying to take out as many safety pins out of the ball of rice.

The amount of people you need is six then your teacher needs to put 1 minute on the timer then that’s when you start to pull out your safty pins after your turn is finished your teacher needs to count how many safety pins you got out of the bowl of rice.

I felt excited to play the blindfold game the reason why I felt excited  was that everybody else was having a lot of fun so what i’m looking forward to next time is to play a lot more fun games.   

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