Thursday, 23 July 2015

Holiday Writing

‘Hey’ have you ever been to a holiday programme before?
Well in the first week of the holidays I went to a holiday programme at YMCA. On Monday,we went to Skateland in Panmure . Me and my friends Maia and Savannah kept falling over while we were skating. Maia linked up with me and Savannah and she dragged us down when she fell.One of the helpers Cassandra came and helped us up.   

On Tuesday the second day we had a sports day. It was cool we did sideline sports. Sideline sports is when you get into two groups and you name your group like one group is called girlies and the other group is called elephants.Then you put one group in one corner and the other group in the other corner then you get a basketball, hockey sticks and a soccer ball. Then you get your group and give them a number so that you can call any number or numbers out then they have to run to the wall opposite them and then you have to call out basketball or hockey or soccer then they have to play the game you called out first.

On Wednesday the third day we did hip hop dancing. We learnt how to do another dance for watch me whip, It was cool.Savannah and Renee and Simaia and myself were the only ones dancing because the other kids went to go play something else.They were bored. So we learnt it all then they all came and watched us then they came back to learn the rest of it.

In the second week of the holidays on Monday, We did Ten pin bowling. As soon as we got there we had to put on these weird bowling shoes. They looked very funny,So me and Savannah asked if we could were our own shoes so our leader said we could because the shoes were ugly.Then we got into our groups to challenge the other groups. Then at the end of the game my group came first then group 2 came second and Group 3 came third.

The next day on tuTuesday did kiwiana. Kiwiana is when you cook and bake something like baking brownies and afghans and cooking macaroni and cheese and  mince and tacos. group 1  was baking and group 2  was cooking. group 1 baked chocolate cocopops and brownies and group 2 cooked macaroni and cheese and tacos if we never cooked or baked then we wouldn’t get to eat the food we cooked and the food group 1 baked so thats why I cooked and my friend baked so that we could eat the food.

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