Friday, 16 October 2015

Holiday Writing

Have you ever been to Riverside camp at a Willow park before?
On the first week of the holidays I went to riverside camp at willow park with some children from Pt England school. When we got there - we had to take our bags into the dining room and then go into the rimu to see what groups we were in. The names of the girls groups were Mufasa, Pumbas, C.o.g and Flavaz, and the names of the boys groups were R4b, Bwa, Simbarrians and

Mr Burt told us that we were going to play some wet games “outside”. When we went outside we  sat down on the grass and looked to see what activity we were doing. so we got into groups with the boys.There were only two activities to do. so we started playing one of the games.gv The other groups were playing rob the nest. In our games we had to try find the balls in foam it was so hard because the foam was up to our necks we had to tippy toes to walk through and see where we  going and go underneath the foam to grab the plastic coloured balls.

On wednesday we had a disco but we only had it till  ten O'clock and we started at nine thirty. When we started the disco the leaders told everyone to get into a big circle then one of the leaders called out names to got in the circle and dance then come out when she calls another name. Then someone called my name but I got shy I went away  then someone pushed me into the circle and said dance but I just stood there waiting until that game was over. When the game finished we all could go away and dance we danced to four songs they were watch me whip, All abou that bass, uptown funk and omi cheerleader.

What I loved about camp was our concert night. The concert was on thursday it was so fun my friend machelle put two dollars into my t-shirt but they were fake money, and they were cash two dollars. Mele lavaka one of the leaders screamed out to me saying go myztique go myztique. I hope that we do camp again next time.

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