Monday, 28 March 2016

Narrative Writing

The story goes like this. One day a girl called bella loved to play football but her sister wanted to join but she couldn’t because she was a year 3 girl. Her big sister wanted her to join but she was not a year 6. So she had to just go with that her little sister can’t play. The next day there was a football game for the year 3 to 6 she was so happy that her sister could play now.

 Then the day after that they went to japan because bella always wanted to be in a cooking contest too. Then later on in the afternoon at about 1:00 they started the cooking contest and bella was in it. Bella was the one that cooked the bacon and egg pie and the lady next to her made meatballs and pineapples. Bella was currently in 2nd place and the lady next to her was currently in 1st place. When Bella gave her plate with food on it to the judge the judge at some of it and said it was delicious, and when the lady gave her plate to the judge the judge tasted a little bit but the judge said that the meatballs were overcooked and the pineapples were roten so bella came first place bella was so happy she cried with happy tears.

 The day after that they went back to auckland bella was so happy to see her family she cried with happy tears and gave her mum, dad, and sister a very big hug they were all happy to see each other. When Bella went to school the next day she was so happy to see all her friends again she hugged her best friend so hard her friend knew she missed her because how tight she was hugging her. Then at lunchtime bellas football team had a game at school on the field, the name of her school was pt england school she loved it there.

 She loved it there because she had a great coach and lots of friends there to support her whenever bella is playing any sports at her school. Then after the football season finished bella also wanted to play netball for her school. Then netball practises was on friday she was excited to play netball as soon as her friend told her it was today. When it was lunchtime she ran quickly to the netball courts so she could practise before shooting goals before here coach came and when her coach was walking over to the courts she saw bella shooting goals in the hoop and noticed she was good at playing netball.

 So they started doing practises and played a game at the end and bella was getting mostly all the goals in and her coach was proud of how she was shooting and passing her coach was impressed with her she couldn’t even take her eyes off bella. When practises we over there coach told all the girls that trialed who was in the team, the people that she picked was bella, katie, penny, angel, samoa, stacey, kirstein, anna and paige. She picked those girls because she new that they were good at playing netball. The next day it was there very first game they were all excited to play they were to happy they were talking about the game every afternoon in the van well they were on there way to the courts were all the netball team play.

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