Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Avengers Assemble

1430967281-marvelcivi-o.jpgOn a hot sunny day Courtney was at the beach because she had a day off from her part time job as a scientist.   She was a scientist because she was a very smart lady that knew stuff about turning people into something and knew how to hack into to the government's computer .

As she was walking to the bus stop, suddenly a blue girl with orange hair named Mystique jumped out from behind a parked car. She frightened Courtney and made her shriek in terror! “Don’t be afraid,” said Mystique.
Then mystique took Courtney to her dungeon and locked her up.  Then mystique made this potion and put it into some water so that Courtney can drink it and make Courtney stay asleep for 30 minutes then she will die.

Then iron man saw on TV that there was someone in danger, so he quickly got dressed into his iron man suit and flu to the dungeon in about 20 seconds. When he got there he busted into the dungeon and saw mystique pouring the poison potion into her cup of water, Courtney didn't see mystique pouring the potion in.

So Iron man Flu to mystique and fighted her to try and get the cup of water and tip it out before she gave the cup of water to Courtney, Then Iron Man Tied her up to the pole and to the key from mystique to open the door so that courtney was free. After he defeated mystique he took courtney back to her house and she had a rest. Then Iron Man Quickly flew back to the dungeon and took mystique to the police station to put her in jail for 5 years.  

He saved the day YAH!


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