Friday, 26 May 2017

My FUN Week

This week the year 7's had fun and exciting activity's to do, well the year 8's were out at camp. There were three activity's to do, they were Art, Team building and cooking. In cooking we made truffles, In Art we made posters E.g you never know until you try, And lucky last Team Building, we had three activity's to do and they were to see who could build a tall tower using marshmallows and spaghetti sticks, and we all had a challenge to see who could build a tower with cups and then un build it ,and the lucky last challenge was us using straws and puff balls. The first day when we started doing these things was on Wednesday, but before we did any of that we had to get into our groups of three and make up a Group name, Group  and who were the to Group leaders. After that we found out what the other groups name was. One of the groups name was Fobalicous the other group was Munchies and Our group was called the Churries, through this whole week we've been doing fun activity's and challenges. Today is our last day of having the best time of our entire school week, The first challenge we did was building a tower with cups and un building them which was a bit hard but fun at the same time, Before it all ended the teacher had a race but just for fun.

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  1. Hi Myztique,
    It's really good to see you all enjoying yourselves while the Year 8s are away. Did you try the cup stacking? Who did you go?

    Love from Miss Lavakula