Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Floundering Time

                                                FLOUNDER TIME!!!

This Morning our whole school went down to the beach ( Wai o Taiki bay ) to watch a few students and teachers catch some baby flounder. When we made it down to the Wai o Taiki bay we sang a few songs, The songs were, Tai Aroha, Ko te Whaea and Whakataka te hau. Our school partner Kauri flats school caught 4 flounder so our goal is to catch more than 4 flounder to set the high score out of our two schools. We are catching baby flounder to put in our fish tank so that the baby flounder can grow to bigger flounder and then we will release them back into the sea. 

Mr Vogt provided the flounder students and teachers with flounder catching tools. You can find flounder in any sea but when you are trying to look for one it may take ages because some flounder blend in with the sand or the water witch means it is hard to catch some. Our people that went down to catch our flounder haven't really found any yet, because of how flounder blend in with the things in the sea or it is just because the baby flounder may not be where they are looking, so maybe they have to move out further or in closer.  But we all hope they catch a lot for our school. When the flounder is fried its DELICIOUS!!.

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