Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Interacting with decimals

WALT: work collaboratively to solve word problems.

In my group we were learning about decimals.As you can see there are problems that we had to work out, and beside those problems you can see a paper that has black writing on it and that is our working out. In my group I had, Uasi, Ana.l, Anna and Bryana. It took us a while to figure out what the answers were, but we still managed to work hard and get the answer. The letter A that was beside the Number stood for (Answer). we had only three problems that we had to work out and one of these problems that we found easy was the first one : 
4.26 + 7.54 =11.8
11.8 + 3.90 = 15.7 - A (Answer)
Our second problem it took us a bit longer to get. :
30.77 + 94.65 = 125.32 - A (Answer)
And last but not least was our third problem :
                                                              $9639.66                                           $11872.31
                                              +                                                           -
                                                             $2332.65                                            $1780.30
                                                                     $11872.31                                    $10191.91 - A (Answer)

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