Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The boy who learned how to fly

Once in a  far country called Jamaica there was a boy named Usain bolt. On a Monday a school day bolt was so excited because it was his  first day of school. When he was running to school he was getting chased by a dog. Bolt was so fast the dog couldn’t catch bolt.

When bolt was near his school he was talking to himself saying ‘I don't wanna be late’ ‘I don't wanna be late’. When it was morning tea bolt looked in his bag to grab his lunch but then he noticed that he left it at home. But then bolt sat down on the bench feeling sad and hungry at the same time. Then a man came and told him if he races another boy and wins then he gets to have my lunch. So bolt had a deal with this man.

Then, when bolt got older the man that made a deal with bolt in school became his coach for the rest of bolts athlete life. Ever since bolt was an athlete when he got older. He had won lots of gold medals for coming first in the 100m run. But before he ran his last race for the year he was nervous to race. But then, his mum came and told bolt he could do it he just has to believe in himself.

When bolts mum told him he could do it and believe in himself. Bolt stood up and walked to the starting so that they could start the race. When the race started bolt started jogging then the other athletes ran passed him then bolt looked at his mum and his mum smiled. Then bolt started to sprint then he passed all the athletes and came first again like he always does.

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  1. Hi Myztique I like your writing about Usain bolt it was so cool. My favourite part was when Usain bolt mum said he can do it and to believe. What was your favourite part?.