Friday, 17 March 2017

Best PolyFest EVER!!!

Have you been to the ASB polyfest before? Well yesterday the team 5 block went to the polyfest to watch other schools perform, to represent the school and their whanau. The stages that were at the polyfest were the Diversity stage, Maori stage and cook island speeches.

Many people over the country aren’t confident with their culture, that’s why some people like that join the one of the polynesian groups so they can be more confident with their culture. Heaps of people over new zealand have joined the polynesian groups to represent their whanau.

On the maori stage all the people that joined Maori group were proud of who they were and were confident with their culture, and people on the Diversity stage were proud of themselves as well. Also at the polyfest there were food stores, games and competitions.

Well we were walking around we saw one current pt englander that was performing on the diversity stage for the fijian group. Well we were at the maori stage we saw a lot of confident and proud people there, even some of them were representing their whanau and their school and some were just representing one.At te wananga o aotearoa the dance competition was held there.

So next time you do consider going to the polyfest please do because the people that perform there could help you or other people that aren’t confident with their culture could help you get confident .

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