Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Letter to the council

WALT: support all my answers with evidence from the text
Dear council we are writing to you because we have had worries about our water supply. People have been complaining about this and we need you to help fix this problem. People have been getting sick because of this problem.
Our people over here in New Zealand have been complaining about this because of their children have been crying and crying because they don’t have any water so we are asking for your help. This water supply is really serious because people over the world in Africa , Jamaica and India have died because of this. This could be deadly because people in different countries have tried to survive but because this is serious some of those people have moved on and has gone to a better place.

We are just asking you to give us and other countries more water so that we could survive through the years that go by. We would be really thankful if you gave us enough water for each country so that our country and other countries can have a better life and no water supplies ruining it for them and us.

This is my letter to the council which is an activity from our water worries presentation.

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